Make Money From Your Phone Using Top Gambling Apps In 2022

Are you looking for gambling apps that tick most, if not all your gambling needs? Perhaps you’ve been hopping from one app to the other in search of a satisfactory user experience and more sleek features to explore in your betting journey?

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Most punters are not aware that they’re not getting the best in-app experience while gambling on an app until they test the other side of the divide. That is why we have done extensive research on the subject and are here to bring you the best gambling apps.

Yardstick Used In Coming up With The Top Five Gambling Apps

We have mapped out the prerequisites that these betting apps will pass before being considered in the top five on our quest to bring you the top five. They are:

  • User Experience/ Interface: When choosing a gambling app, you can’t overlook user experience and user interface. They are one of the most vital keys to retaining punters who may have downloaded the app in the past. 
  • Safety And Security: The guaranteed safety of identity and sensitive account information bettors have registered in a betting app is also key fundamental consideration. 
  • Payment Options and Payout Speed: We will also consider payment options and payout speed in ranking the top five gambling apps. For instance, how many options do bettors have in paying for their wagers? How fast is the payout, and how flexible are they?
  • Promotion and Bonuses: what are the promotion and benefits that are available for punters in the app? This is vital in enhancing the overall customer experience and overall trust that punters have for the app.
  • Customer Service and Support: A strong customer service for when punters may need help is part of the factors taken into consideration when accessing the best gambling apps available.

Top 5 Gambling Apps

1) 22bet

Top Features

  1. Flexible payment option
  2. User-friendly interface

2) BetVictor 

Top Features 

  1. Sound mobile experience
  2. Superfast live betting
  3. Fast payout time

3) Bet365

Top Features 

  1. Outstanding customer service
  2. Zero charges on deposit or withdrawal
  3. Large betting market

4) Betway

Top Features

  1. Sleek user interface
  2. Sign-up bonus

5) Jackpot City Casino

Top features

  1. Flexible payment options 
  2. Great user interface

Top 5 Casino App

In this category, just like the previous one, we’ll highlight the best five casino apps that bettors are happy to use.

Yardstick Used In Measuring the Top 5 Casino Apps

Some factors are taken into account when choosing the best casino apps, and some of the factors are:

  • Smooth Gameplay Visual: A look into the graphical aspects of these casino apps is a major determinant of which one tops the other
  • Safety and Security: No matter the cool features of a casino app, if it can’t guarantee your personal and financial information safety, be wary and avoid using it. 
  • Compatibility: This entails the ability of a casino app to work on different operating devices like iOS, Android, tablet, PC, and so on.
  • Real Money Bonuses: Here, the amount of bonus a casino app is willing to part ways with to get you to sign up with them is also a consideration.
  • Variety of games. For example, many players from Europe love Cash games: 1Win Aviator and its variants like Aviatrix and JetX
  • Banking Option For Deposit or Withdrawal: How many options have these casino apps made available for deposit or withdrawal? Have they keyed into contemporary payment methods like online transfer and crypto? These are the questions we look at before selecting these apps. 

Right, having seen the criteria which we used to screen these casino apps screened, we now bring you the top 5 apps that made the cut.

1) BetUs

Top features:

  1. Fast payment method
  2. Security minded
  3. Guaranteed bonus

2) Las Atlantis

Top features:

  1. Broad payment methods, including crypto
  2. Strong security
  3. Over 250% welcome bonus.

3) Super Slots

Top features:

  1. Broad banking options including crypto
  2. Very fast payout method
  3. Responsive customer service

4) Spin Casino

Key features:

  1. Sleek user interface
  2. Strong security
  3. Large market acceptability

5) BetOnline

Top Features:

  1. Great user experience
  2. Big on security
  3. Sleek User interface.

Best Betting Apps

It is pretty difficult to choose the right one with hundreds of betting apps around. That’s why we are here.

Criteria For Choosing These Betting Apps

The criteria for selecting these apps include:

  • Market Penetration: Many betting apps have cropped up in the last few years, but only a few have maintained a steady market penetration. This penetration can only mean they’re good at what they do.
  • Bonuses: Who doesn’t like bonuses? Although some betting apps are not so big on bonuses to their customers, still, we added bonus as a prerequisite for coming.
  • Safety and Security: Security can’t be overemphasized. This is because any laps in securing financial information will not only affect your account but your whole life as well.

User interface/Experience: No one likes a betting app that lags or is hard to navigate. As such, a seamless walkthrough in an app is a big win for everyone.

Top 5 Betting Apps

1) 888Sport

Top features:

  1. Great user interface and experience
  2. Large market range
  3. Great welcome bonuses.

2) Betfair

Top features:

  1. Huge betting variety
  2. Sleek user interface
  3. Great value odds for bettors

3) Paddy Power

Top features:

  1. Huge betting variety
  2. Broad payment options
  3. Responsive customer service

4) Ladbrokes

Top features:

  1. Broad payment options
  2. Sleek user interface
  3. Over 150% bonus 

5) Parimatch

Top features:

  1. Attractive bonus
  2. Fast payment method
  3. Great user interface.

Best Poker Apps

These days, you no longer need to go to Las Vegas to play quality poker. With the mobile app version of poker at your fingertips, you can play a game for real money anytime you wish. I bring you the best five poker apps to choose from.

Criteria For Choosing These Poker Apps

Some of the criteria include:

  • Software and graphics: In choosing the right poker app, consider the software used to run it and the graphics for quality viewing.
  • Real-time Updates: You need to choose an app that updates you on the stakes and how to place them in real-time.
  • User Experience: The overall experience of punters when they play poker using the app is also a big consideration.

Compatibility: In choosing the right poker app, the ability for bettors to be able to download the app on several devices is key.

Top 5 Best Poker Apps

1) 888poker

Top features:

  1. Great software and graphics
  2. Real-time updates
  3. Amazing user experience

2) GGPoker 

Top features:

  1. Welcome bonus
  2. Great software and graphics
  3. Real-time updates

3) Poker Stars

Top features:

  1. Sleek graphics and software
  2. Great user experience
  3. Real-time updates

4) Natural8

Top features:

  1. Over 200% bonus
  2. Great overall user experience
  3. Dependable software

5) Party Poker

Top features:

  1. Good overall user experience
  2. Dependable software
  3. Welcome bonus

Best Bingo Games

Bingo games are a few games that children and adults can play. While most are played without placing a wager, you can earn real money playing the bingo game using a mobile app. I bring you the best Bingo games to make real money from.

Yardstick For Choosing The Best Bingo Games

  • Graphics: A look into the graphics of bingo apps and choosing the one with good graphics is one of the yardsticks for choosing a bingo app.
  • Versatility: Apart from playing the game alone, does it support multiplayer with other players? Power-ups, broad payment options, and so on
  • User Interface: Do players enjoy the overall feel of the mobile app? How easy is it to navigate the app and so on?

Top 5 Best Bingo Games

1) Bingo Pop

Top features:

  1. Versatility
  2. User interface
  3. Graphics

2) Bingo Blitz

Top features:

  1. User interface
  2. High reward
  3. Graphic

3) Bingo Party

Top features:

  1. User interface
  2. Quality graphics
  3. Real-time Multiplayer

4) Bingo Journey

Top features:

  1. Quality graphics 
  2. User interface

5) Bingo Blaze

Top features:

  1. User interface
  2. Versatility
  3. Graphics

Top Lottery Apps

When it comes to the lottery, the possibility is high that you may fall into the net of lottery scammers. To avoid such a scenario, we have made a list of the top five mobile lottery apps for your playing thrill.

Yardsticks Used In Selecting The Lottery Apps

  • Broad Payment Methods: Consideration of the payment methods open to a particular lottery app is a vital yardstick. This is because of a narrow payment platform available on the app. Many people will be left out.
  • Security: In order to trust an app with your credit card information, you have to make sure that they are secured and shielded from cyber-attacks.
  • Market Penetration: This entails how long has the lottery app existed and how many people trust these apps.
  • Compatibility: Is the lottery app compatible enough to run on popular mobile software available?

Top 5 Best Lottery Apps

1) Power Ball

Top features:

  1. Broad payment methods
  2. Security
  3. Friendly user interface

2) The Lottery

Top features:

  1. Large market penetration
  2. Broad payment methods
  3. User interface

3) Win Trillions

Top features:

  1. Broad payment methods
  2. Security
  3. High market penetration’

4) Lotto Kings

Top features:

  1. User interface
  2. Security
  3. Broad payment methods

5) Play Huge Lottos

Top Features:

  1. User experience
  2. Welcome bonus
  3. Broad payment methods, including crypto


All the betting apps highlighted are friendly recommendations, and as such, you are responsible for the choices you make in choosing any app to patronize. It is also important to play with caution and a sense of responsibility. In the end, here’s wishing you the best of luck in your gambling journey.